Flipping to empower adolescents for sexual and reproductive health

Adolescents in India face barriers to accurate and constructive information about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The "flipped classroom" provides SRHR information via mobile app, and allows students to study the material privately at home at their own pace.Class time is then used for questions, deeper learning, analysis, clarification, and discourse with a skilled facilitator such as a teacher or health professional.

The project integrates technology and high mobile penetration in India, with innovative pedagogy with inputs from education specialists, teachers, parents, health educators, etc. It may also be adapted for other settings or used as a model for policy development.


Discussing sexuality is still considered a taboo in Indian Society. Sexual health education to school children and adolescents is a challenge for teachers and is seldom taught in a way to create medically appropriate, affirmative outlook towards sexuality. The problem is compounded by myths associated with sex information resulting in high risk sexual behaviour, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections & sexual crimes. The problem is much higher in Rajasthan leading to sex discrimination. Age appropriate and adequate Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health (ASRH) will also have positive impact on decline in maternal and infant mortality. Researchers have also shown that ASRH intervention also encourage health service utilization by young people.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences Jodhpur (AIIMSJ) is committed to best healthcare to the community of Rajasthan. As part of its mandate, AIIMS Jodhpur adopts innovative methods to serve the public. Schools are the most appropriate place for integrating healthy attitudes and beliefs for children of all ages. Firstly, student spends about 7-8 hours of their day in schools. Secondly, school teachers because of their training and passion, understand the student better and are also in a position to mould their teaching as per the need of an individual child. Thirdly, adolescents, especially during 10-15 years of age have pubertal changes and provide the second most important window of opportunity where they can be moulded very easily. They are receptive, inquisitive and seeks independence. Ayushman Bharat has also in-built program to target school-children through linkage with Health & Wellness Centers. AIIMS Jodhpur has started this campaign of spreading awareness about ASRH through the innovative approach.

Project Lead

Dr Pratibha Singh, MD is Professor and Head of Obstetrics &Gynecology. She has 24 years of Post-graduate teaching, training and research experience. Her areas of interest are Adolescent Health, Preventive Oncology and Menopause. She can be reached on drpratibha69@hotmail.com.

Project Lead And Spokesperson

Dr Kuldeep Singh, MD, DM, FAMS is Dean Academics and Professor & Head, Pediatrics. He has 29 years of Post PG experience. His areas if interest are Medical Education, Innovations in Healthcare and Medical Genetics.


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Dr Aliza Mittal,

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Dr Charu Sharma,

Associate Professor, OBG

Dr NareshNebhinani,

Additional Professor, Psychiatry

Dr Abhishek Bhardwaj,

Additional Professor, Dermatology (Skin)

Dr Tanu,

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Pratibha,

Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

Dr Siya Ram Didel,

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Dr P P Sharma

Assistant Professor, Biostatistics, CMFM

Other Team members

Dr Varuna Vyas, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Steps to Download Mobile App:

1. For Android:

a. After installation, click default login

b. It will ask your mobile number and Name.

c. After submitting, an OTP will be received and you will get access to Week 1 course material.

2. For iPhone users:

a. After installation, use your mobile number as user id. Contact 8003996940 to set up your password. Go ahead, its free.


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